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Berlin Gardens Buying Guide

Why Buy Berlin Gardens?

If you’re in the market for some poly furniture, look no further than the premium quality of Berlin Gardens! The company manufactures high-quality products, delivers them on time, and provides outstanding customer service. It all begins by living by their Core Values of honesty, efficiency, attitude, respect, and trust. They genuinely believe in these values. With Berlin Gardens products, you can take life outdoors.

Let’s Talk Poly Real Quick

What exactly is poly? It’s recycled plastic formatted to create durable outdoor furniture. Due to its low maintenance, durability, longevity, and wide range of colors, poly furniture has quickly become one of the most popular categories in the outdoor living industry. The recycled plastic is broken down and melded into a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) product. HDPE is a lumber substitute manufactured into similar-looking wood boards that make up all outdoor furniture. This plastic has been being used since the ’80s and has only improved in quality over the years. Its high strength-to-weight ratio and versatility make it an excellent choice for most poly furniture. 

A couple of decades ago, Marine-Grade Polymer (MGP) entered the poly furniture market. Initially developed for boat hulls, Marine-Grade Polymer is perfect for furnishing beach houses or extreme outdoor climates. This premium Marine-Grade Poly (MGP) can be fabricated to create more customized furniture designs with a thinner profile. In addition to remaining cool to the touch, MGP is non-porous and will not rot or rust.

Let’s Get Back To Berlin Gardens

Located in Ohio's Amish country, Berlin Gardens incorporates modern technology with traditional techniques and skills passed down through generations. Keeping the customer happy isn't just another task they perform - it's the foundation of everything they do. Consistency is the key to their success. This means holes line up for easy assembly for the customer, every component is hand-routed for exceptional smoothness, and no details are overlooked. They have a shorter lead time than most of their competitors. Their deliveries are on time, even during peak season. From hidden fasteners to sleeker-lined chairs, they’re constantly improving their design.

Berlin Gardens' quality is by no means accidental. All of their furniture is built using only the highest-grade poly lumber. They use two types of poly in their furniture — both produced by leaders in the industry. They use PolyTuf™ - Manufactured by Tangent Materials, which is high-quality HDPE lumber. Along with using HDPE, Berlin Gardens uses the higher density MGP in their products as well, Seaboard® MGP manufactured by VYCOM®. Achieving a wide variety of products with different styles suited to fit any needs! 

You can enjoy more than just a relaxing time with friends and family with your Berlin Gardens poly furniture. You can also protect the environment. The company uses 95% recycled plastic to create its poly lumber. Here’s a look into the recycling process:

  1. Polyethylene plastic, commonly used in manufacturing mixed plastics, is gathered to be recycled.

  2. Recycled plastic is ground, melted, and cooled to produce purified plastic pellets, tested to maintain the highest quality control standards.

  3. Pellets are melted, extruded, and shaped into precision-cut poly lumber.

See how Berlin Gardens premium poly stacks up against wood patio furniture:

Places For Your Berlin Gardens Furniture

As you'll see in the following section, Berlin Gardens' furniture is not only of high quality and durability but also very stylish. With a variety of furniture styles to choose from, these collections will have the furniture you need, no matter what kind of space you're trying to fill.

Find What’s Right For You

Berlin Gardens Nordic Collection

Nordic Collection

With the Berlin Gardens Nordic outdoor furniture collection, you can relax by yourself or get together with friends. This chic-yet-inviting look combines modern and hygge elements. Featuring a sleek design and durable construction. The thick cushions on the wide armrests create a cozy vibe with a fuss-free look.

Made from recycled plastics, the durable frames of this all-weather patio furniture are expertly crafted of polyresin and designed to last a lifetime. This outdoor collection can be easily customized, featuring a wide variety of cool frame colors and fun fabrics for these Nordic-style pieces.

Berlin Gardens Mayhew Collection

Mayhew Collection

The fabulous Berlin Gardens Mayhew Outdoor Furniture Collection for your porch, patio, or any other area outside, Made by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania, these pieces combines careful craftsmanship with a classically comfortable design.

Since these chairs and furniture sets are made mainly from recycled milk jugs, they are good for the environment and good for you. They require little maintenance other than occasional cleaning. Whatever size, space, and budget you have, you will find a great selection of Mayhew pieces here to meet your needs.

Berlin Gardens Classic Terrace

Classic Terrace Collection

With the Classic Terrace collection from Berlin Gardens, you can easily update your home's outdoor environment with an air of class. Anywhere outside - whether it's an outdoor terrace, a patio, a pool, or just about any other place - you'll be able to add a gracious living look.

In this collection, you will find all the chairs, loveseats, sofas, and coffee tables you will need to create an attractive and comfortable outdoor space. Matching sets make it easy to get everything you need. Because these pieces are of high-grade polyresin, they require minimal maintenance.

Berlin Gardens Bristol Collection

Bristol Collection

The Berlin Gardens Bristol Collection features curves in all the right places. With 100% recyclable material, these HDPE seating options are naturally eco-friendly. Whether you want a single piece or the entire collection, this collection comes in a wide range of colors. Adding a seat and back cushion makes these customizable chairs even better.

A slatted design with curved seats and backs enhances the comfort of the dining, bar, and counter chairs with impressive durability. They feature footrests to provide extra comfort and lower stretchers to add even more stability.

Berlin Gardens Comfo Back Collection

Comfo Back Collection

The Berlin Gardens Comfo Back Collection features a perfectly contoured back with narrow slats that create a seamless contour that feels like it wraps around your back. 

Having a wave-shaped seat that is lowered at the bottom and slightly raised under the legs. It is so comfortable to sit on this seat, thanks to the slats at the end of it. Handcrafted and made of only the finest HDPE poly material - fastened with stainless steel hardware. However, it's the contoured seat that makes this chair stand out.

Berlin Gardens Cozi Back Collection

Cozi Back Collection

The Berlin Gardens Cozi-Back Outdoor Furniture Collection were built to last. Berlin Gardens uses top-grade polyresin lumber made from recycled milk jugs, and all pieces are tested for strength and durability. With their furniture, you can count on a long-lasting product. The Cozi-Back outdoor furniture sets match practically any situation, from cozy bar and bistro sets to dining sets suitable for larger groups.

Berlin Gardens Casual Back Collection

Casual Back Collection

Berlin Gardens Casual Back provides lumbar support for poolside chairs and porch swings. Relax longer with seating designed to keep you comfortable. This collection offers outstanding comfort for both poolside lounging and porch swings. Colors are stylish enough to match any outdoor decor.

Berlin Gardens Garden Classic Collection

Garden Classic Collection

The Garden Classic Collection is the best of outdoor dining. This classic table is a perfect match for your favorite seating.

Berlin Gardens Harbor Collection

Harbor Collection

Gather around a Harbor table for a memorable outdoor dining experience.

Berlin Gardens PAX Collection

PAX Collection

The PAX Collection is distinguished by its clean, modern lines. With its solid aluminum construction, you'll enjoy the perfect balance of form and function.

Berlin Gardens Homestead Collection

Homestead Collection

The Berlin Gardens Farmhouse charm meets all-weather durability in sturdy, traditional furniture that's perfect for the home. The beauty of the outdoors, friends, and family. Patio dining is meant to be comfortable. Choose from 20 colors/combinations.

Berlin Gardens Donoma Collection

Donoma Collection

Stylish and long-lasting. The Berlin Gardens Fire tables and fire pits with poly-tops complete your outdoor room and perfectly complement your outdoor furniture.

Berlin Gardens Bar + Buffet Collection

Bar + Buffet Tables

With a Berlin Gardens outdoor island, bar, or buffet table, you can easily entertain your guests.

Berlin Gardens Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables & Benches

With Berlin Gardens, create a maintenance-free outdoor area with seating and dining options.

Berlin Gardens Porch Rockers

Porch Rocker

The Berlin Gardens Porch Rocker is a perfect addition to any porch with its classic look and modern design. Sit back and enjoy the view longer in comfortable seating.

Berlin Gardens Pergolas, Arbors + A-Frames

Pergolas, Arbors + A-Frames

Choosing a Berlin Gardens outdoor pergola can be a great way to break up large backyards, decks, and patios and add a little shade in a stylish way. Adding an outdoor pergola structure to your yard, which is separate from your house, can add more dimension to your yard and allow you to continuously change it over time.

Berlin Gardens Cushions, Umbrellas + Finishes

Cushions, Umbrellas + Finishes

All the beautiful colors under the sun are yours to choose from with Sunbrella fabrics. Select the pattern or hue that best suits your personality and backyard space. Sunbrella fabrics are made of solution-dyed acrylic that is durable and fade-resistant. Soft and comfortable, cushions made with Sunbrella fabric complete your backyard oasis.

Let’s Talk Accessories

At Berlin Gardens, you can furnish your space with all the extras. There are chaises, rockers, cushions, end tables, coffee tables, etc.

We’ve Got Cushions

The Berlin Gardens Poly Furniture Cushions add a pop of color and contrast to your outdoor entertainment area while heightening comfort. Sunbrella fabrics feature vibrant colors and patterns as well as a soothing mood in muted tones.

This product is made from fade-resisting Sunbrella® fabric, making it suitable for outdoor use. With Berlin Gardens cushions for your outdoor living space, you can create a unique style and highlight the look you desire.

These Berlin Gardens chairs are upholstered with upholstery-grade foam and tie-ons for extra security. Berlin Garden Cushions have patterned material that will beautifully complement your garden, patio, or deck.

The Berlin Garden Cushions will provide extra cushions to ensure a relaxing day in the garden. These cushions offer maximum comfort, relaxation, and durability.

Sunbrella® cushions complement your poly furniture and perfectly enhance your outdoor space and lifestyle.


Choose from a wide variety of beautiful colors available in Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics are made of solution-dyed acrylic that resists fading and is incredibly durable. Complete your backyard oasis with cushions made with Sunbrella fabric. 

Furniture and Fabric Cleaners

  • • Fabric Cleaner

    • ○ For use on Berlin Gardens outdoor pillows and cushions.

  • • Water Repel

    • ○ Repels water on Berlin Gardens outdoor pillows and cushions.

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